Private Islands - Bahamas
Private Islands of the Bahamas have historically been one of the most recession-proof real estate ownership opportunities in the world. Comprising over 700 islands and 2500 cays The Bahamas has a plethora of private island buying opportunities covering a very broad perspective of features, architectural styles, beaches, and of course, prices. The weather is practically perfect year-round, providing maximum opportunities for personal use and lucrative rental possibilities. Buying a private island over $750,000 brings with it the option for permanent residency in the islands and ultimately becoming a true island aficionado. The majority of Bahamas private islands for sale are available as freehold properties however some were initially granted as leasehold. Occasionally a private island in The Bahamas has its own runway; many have their own marina or protected docks and the look-out bluff for the main house is always the signature feature.

Bahamas Private Island Ownership

Buying islands in the Bahamas is very easy for non-residents. Non-Bahamians must register any purchase with the Foreign Investments Board. Special permits are required if the property is over two acres in size. If the purchase of the island is for development purposes, additional approvals and permits must be submitted. Fees included with buying a private island in The Bahamas include real estate commissions (if an agent is involved), the government stamp tax, and legal fees. The Bahamas real estate industry is well established, and a safe and stable international investment market and laws are in place to protect owners and their property rights. Investing in a Private Island is evident in the multi-national backgrounds of private island owners and their status as some of the top business and celebrity personalities in the world.

Benefits of Buying A Bahamas Private Island

The benefits of buying a private island in the Bahamas include a virtually recession-proof real estate ownership opportunity, diverse utility through usage or rental income, stable, democratic government, corporate and personal income tax benefits, timely repatriation of profits of approved investments, and of course very close proximity to the largest economy in the world.

Where To Find A Bahamas Private Island

As mentioned, there are over 700 islands and 2500 cays, so this offers a vast market to work with. It should be noted that private islands are not heavily listed at any one time. The first criteria is the price, and the second criteria is developed or undeveloped. Locations throughout The Bahamas affect what island values are. The Exuma Cays are the premier private island group followed by the Abaco Islands and The Berry Islands. Beyond that islands for sale in The Bahamas are scattered throughout the archipelago.

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