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Green Turtle Cay Real Estate

Green Turtle Cay is the most northern cay in the Abacos and is named after the many Green Turtles that can often be spotted there. It is Abacos most populated cay; with lots of things to do it’s easy to see why so many families and couples are drawn to this tropical paradise. The main industries on the cay include lobstering and tourism.

The Cays main settlement, New Plymouth, was founded in the 18th century by settlers from New England. Its architecture today is still reminiscent of a traditional white picket fenced, New England style.

The cay is around 3 miles long and 0.5 miles wide, so everything once there is easily accessible. Cars are permitted on the cay, however, bikes and golf carts are favored, both of which can be hired easily upon arrival. The closest airport is situated on Treasure Cay and then it is a simple 3-minute taxi ride to the Green Turtle Cay ferry dock.

Green Turtle Cay is where the Bahamian national drink the ‘Goombay Smash’ was invented and it can still be tasted in Miss Emily’s Blue Bee Bar, where it was first created. While the original Goombay Smash recipe still remains top secret, we can tell you that it is a delicious combination of fruit juices, apricot brandy and multiple types of rum – a must try for any visitor to the cay. Lunch and dinner options are a recent addition to Miss Emily’s Blue Bee Bar – the perfect way to spend an afternoon or evening while you are there.

Once in New Plymouth village, nothing is more than a 15-minute walk from anything else, with quite a variety of shops to peruse, including a post office, gift shops, food stores and a hardware store. There are also four churches, which are spread across the cay. It should be noted when planning a visit that everything closes on a Sunday, except for the churches.