Berry Islands

About Berry Islands

The Berry Islands are a chain of approximately 30 islands and cays located approximately 30 miles Northwest of Nassau. The islands of Chub Cay and Great Harbour Cay at the south and north respectively each have full service marinas and airports with customs and immigration. In between the two are miles of beautiful coves, beaches and small private islands to explore and relax for day trips or offshore mooring. The fishing and diving is known to be some the best while real estate is limited to mostly private island purchases outside of the two aforementioned islands.

Berry Islands Real Estate

Great Harbour Cay

Great Harbour Cay is in the northern Berry Islands and is approximately 7 miles long and 2.5 miles at its widest point, located a short distance from the Florida coast, mid-way between Freeport and Nassau. There is a full service protected marina known to be one of the most protected in The Bahamas and small airport with customs and immigration.

Chub Cay

There are miles of sandy beaches and private coves including the glamorous Sugar Beach and a working golf course. There are no shortages of boating opportunities, beachfront homes and fantastic beachfront lots to build your dream home.