Long Island

A fisher's tranquil haven with world-class bonefishing and peaceful turquoise waters.

About Long Island

Situated in the southern Bahamas, Long Island is a less travelled island and appeals to those who want to escape crowds, traffic, and casinos. Many places claim to be paradise, but that really depends on your definition. Long Island was among the first land discovered by Columbus in 1492, and in his log, he described it as “the most delightful island in the world.” The east coast features 150 foot cliffs and coves, while the western side has calmer beaches with beautiful turquoise water similar to the Exumas. A central road runs from north to south along Long Island, lined with the small villages and beautiful landscapes.

Long Island, Bahamas Real Estate

Exclusive Community

Stella Maris

Stella Maris is located near the northern end of Long Island and is one of the original out island ‘developments’. Founded in 1963, Stella Maris is one of Long Island’s premier vacation and residential destination. It totals 3,000 acres of rolling hills, Atlantic shoreline and the turquoise shallows of the Exuma Bank. Stella Maris is a small town with around 150 private homes a marina and a very convenient little airport with customs and immigration. The development is an intimate out island style resort, offering a wide range of real estate opportunities and vacation rental selections.